Careers • Confidentiality is a Must

CONFIDENTIAL Concierge Support Services is looking for people of various backgrounds and skill sets to provide services on an as needed basis to our client’s. Discretion is of utmost importance and every affiliate must sign our non-disclosure agreement, and potentially our clients’ non disclosure agreement.


Private Investigators

Must have access to data mining tools (e.g. – Lexis, TLO, Accurint, etc. (N.Y., N.J., CT.) … Additionally we’re seeking investigators with cyber security credentials.

Security companies – Registered in CT. and N.J… – dignitary protection training and intelligence gathering skills are a plus, but not mandatory. (Seeking male & female team members)

Additionally, we are seeking companies with eavesdropping detection equipment, as well as cyber security services.

Additionally we are seeking companies with eavesdropping detection equipment.

Police Officers/F.B.I/Military – Ability to blend in all types of social gatherings, preferably Special Agents/ Police Officers / law enforcement officers who worked undercover or in special operations teams, preferably in white collar criminal investigations, but other undercover operations may be of use. – Ability to B.S. your way out of situations, or to gain access into locations. (Seeking male & female team members)

Transportation service providers:

Must have access to at least one of the following vehicles MB S550, Rolls Royce Phantom or Ghost, any armored vehicle, or any suitable luxury vehicle (N.Y., N.J., and CT.)

Imposing figures – bodybuilders, preferably with a security license (N.Y., N.J., and CT.)

Martial Artist – preferably with a security license (N.Y., N.J., and CT.)

Actors(N.Y., N.J., and CT.) – Ability to play any role requested

Registered nurse – private nurses with their own insurance – (N.Y., N.J., and CT.)

Doctors – private doctors with their own insurance – (N.Y., N.J., and CT.)

Any specialty that you believe could be of service to us, call if you would like to be an affiliate

(N.Y., N.J., and CT.)

Hours and Environment

There are no fixed working patterns. The hours can be irregular and depend on the client and events scheduled

States: CT., N.J., N.Y.

Qualifications needed

  • Sign a non-disclosure agreement
  • Submit to a background check

Skills needed

  • Must be polite, diplomatic and punctual
  • Must be able to respect people’s privacy and keep information confidential
  • Must be flexible and patient
  • Must have a professional and pleasant personality
  • Must have excellent customer service skills and pay attention to detail
  • Must have familiarity with New York City, Greater N.Y., N.J. and Connecticut
  • Must have good communication skills and the ability to quickly learn and follow instructions
  • Must be calm and decisive
  • Must have a Smartphone (blackberry / iPhone / Android) and know how to use it.
  • Must have directional apps on Smartphone WAZE or Google maps
  • Can’t stress this enough – Must know how to keep your mouth shut************

Skills that are a plus but not mandatory

  • Law enforcement experience
  • Intelligence gathering experience
  • We are also seeking male and female team members who speak Arabic, German, Yiddish, Hebrew, Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Punjabi, Urdu, Portuguese, Hindi, or have sign language skills, with or without a security background.

Undisclosed, NYC

(929) 444-5183
(718) 776-8069


CONFIDENTIAL is a service provided by
Aaron Jackson Management,
A company registered in the State of New York