Security Services for PR and Image Consultants

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, CONFIDENTIAL prefers to contact our clients through encrypted email, phone and messaging applications. Though our communications are encrypted, for the highest level of privacy we also advise our clients to use the same encrypted applications that we use. If clients do not know how to install or use encrypted applications, we can have one of our IT specialist install them via a phone conversation, the internet or we’ll visit the client personally, and install the application at the client’s convenience and give the client a tutorial.


In House Security and Transportation Services

Security – Uniformed security or non-uniformed FBI, NYPD, & other agencies

Active & retired law enforcement officers (licensed, bonded & insured)

Secure Transportation – Luxury vehicles, Sprinters, & SUV, s operated by law enforcement officers

Security Drivers/Escorts – Executive Protection, bodyguards

Security – Uniformed security or non-uniformed FBI, NYPD, & other agencies. Active & retired law enforcement officers (licensed, bonded & insured)

Encrypted applications so we can communicate with a higher degree of privacy

Personal Chauffeurs – We can provide Police Officers as chauffeur to drive your personal vehicle (no security)

Multilingual Chauffeurs – We have chauffeurs that speak over 15 languages. This is primarily for our international clients who are not fluent in English.

Medical Procedure Escorts – If your medical procedure requires an escort to be present, call us we’re here to help. These escorts have also signed non-disclosure agreements


Security and Talent Affiliates

Private Investigators
Imposing figures – bodybuilders
Martial Artist
Actors(N.Y., N.J., and CT.)
Registered nurse(s)

Access to Lamborghinis, and other exotic vehicles

Here are some of the security needs we’ve addressed for public relations and image consultants.

A client wanted to keep a female friend, who became too emotionally attached, from crashing his family’s annual BBQ.

Discretion was of the utmost importance. If his family, partners of his firm and clients were to see several guards posted around the estate that would have been unusual. So we blended our security personnel in with the wait staff, valet attendants and other event staff. There was no incident at the family BBQ and the family had a memorable BBQ for the right reason. This call came in at 8 AM for a 3 PM start.

A client needed a person to co-sign a story he concocted on why he couldn’t come home.

Let’s just say, a punch to the nose, a missing wallet, and a uniformed officer bringing him home, was just enough to seal the deal.

A child (teenager) of a prominent family, wanted the freedom to explore NYC, without security being in their presence.

We gave the child a portable gps tracker, and outfitted their vehicle with a portable vehicular gps tracker and it gave the child more freedom, with security still able to be in the general area of the child. (In general, it allowed security to fall back a little more).

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A client needed assistance with sneaking a person out of a mansion.

Fortunately, during the same time of this incident, the client was having some electrical work done in the mansion, and just his luck you’d be surprised how spacious a gang box is for a petite person.

A prominent family had a child that the family needed to place into a rehabilitation program, only problem, the paparazzi were camped outside of their residence.

We provided six identical black Cadillac Escalades to play a shell game and three vehicles to run interference if the correct vehicle was followed. Everything went well and the family was able to get their child off to a rehabilitation program, without the paparazzi knowing the exact location, and the child, got the help he/she required. George Peppard would have cheered; I love it when a plan comes together.

A client won an Oscar for the client’s role in a movie. The client took a commercial flight from Los Angeles to JFK and was worried about being harassed by paparazzi and fans at JFK.

We used our relationships at the airport to swiftly and discretely move the client through the terminal with our security escorts to our awaiting luxury vehicle and off to the client’s residence in Manhattan.

Our Security & PR Support Services

As you see, we do not specialize in getting tickets for the hottest shows, or the best seats in a restaurant, we’re not a concierge. In general we help clean up some messes that your clients get themselves into, and we do it as discreetly and professionally as possible, and in some cases we assist concierges with difficult request from their clients.

Some requests are totally beyond our reach, due to legal restrictions, and or the seriousness of the incident. However in every project presented to us, regardless of whether or not we can address your needs, your privacy is of the utmost importance to our team.